We want to be your fundraising success partner.

Fowler's Chocolates is a name that means superior chocolate. We help organizations meet and exceed their fundraising goals with our delicious products, and have being doing so for over thirty years. We offer multiple fundraising chocolate and candy bar options for schools, leagues, clubs and non-profits and make delicious, amazing chocolate that makes your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers ask for more.

NO minimums and credit terms available for qualifying organizations.
Some products have same-day pickup at our factory store.
Weekly retail store deliveries and FREE delivery 35+ box orders. (50 mi. radius).

Premium Bar
50% Profit or More
  • 50% Profit or More!
  • 2.25 oz each
  • 6 flavors
  • 36 bars in a box
  • No minimum
  • $36 per box
Fun Shapes
  • Shapes themed to your event
  • 200 - 499 suckers cost .75 each
  • 6 flavors
  • 500 or more .60 each
  • Suggested sales price $1.50
Traditional Bar
Up to 50% Profit
  • Up to 50% Profit!
  • 1.5 oz each
  • 5 flavors
  • 52 bars in a box
  • No minimum
Catalog Sales
Seasonal Specials
  • 40% Profit
  • Free Sales Materials
  • Dedicated Sales Rep