We SO enjoyed the tour of your facility. Such a fun outing. Especially loved the pictures of Sponge Bob in your sponge candy making room. Many thanks...
     – Cindy L. via email

I got my sponge candy and just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product. My 90 year old step father from Buffalo says it brings him back to feeling like a little kid again. His mother used to make it from scratch but he admits it wasn't nearly as good as yours. Just wanted to tell you about what happiness your chocolates bring to people. Thanks.
     – Louise M. via email

Response to a FB post on sponge candy:  “OMG!!!!!!! better than sex. And almost better than wine. (Awesome WITH wine) for those of you who know me well, this is the bright lights of heaven!!!!”
     Sherry D

“Just ordered!!! Thank You...Run Mailman Run!!!”
     –Judi W. via Facebook

“I have enjoyed your chocolate for years. This week my husband surprised me with some dark chocolate which I have never had from you before. All I can say is OMG!!! In fact my husband also liked it and he does not care for dark chocolate.”
     –Marie D. via Facebook

"Who knew...your ginger and nuts are amazing! I ordered your limited edition ginger and nuts. WOW, I just wanted to let you know how awesome this product is. Thanks for your creativity. There is a LOT of candy and the chocolate covered nut assortment is especially delicious. Keep up the good work."
     –Greg G. via email

“There is nothing like Fowler's chocolate! (And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Fowler girl)”
     –Nicky F via Facebook

 “I'll have what she's having...”
     – Karen W. via Facebook

My mom used to put out sponge candy for Santa, with a big glass of milk. The plate was always empty in the morning, with a big glass of room-temperature milk right next to it. I think "Santa" enjoyed the sponge candy with some cognac, no doubt after a midnight present-wrapping session! I also enjoy a bit of sponge when I'm doing my Christmas wrapping.
     –Sally D. via store

“Dear Fowlers - you make the best sponge candy. We get some every time we've come home to Buffalo from Northern Vermont. We haven't been able to travel back to WNY for almost a year now, and seeing this reminds me of home. Thank you for making great sponge and other great products.”
     –Janet S. via Facebook

“Got my Fowler’s candy order this past week! Mmm, Mmmm Good...... Love your chocolate! =)”
     –Nancy L via Facebook

“Thank you so much it's been way too long...so yummy!!!”
     –Marquita S
via Facebook

“I have a recipe for sponge candy but it never turns out right! I miss the real thing! Thank you Fowler's Chocolates!”
     –Mary M. via Facebook
Fowler’s reply: Don’t try this at home! Leave it to the pros that’ve been making it since 1910 and enjoy!

“A friend of mine who lives in Buffalo once sent me some of the sponge candy, and it is by far one of the best candies I have ever eaten in my life! I need to get him to send me more! :)”
     –Shelly D. via Facebook

 “It's unanimous...people think sponge candy is... FANTASTIC STUFF!!!!”
     –Dana T. via Facebook

“Born and raised in Buffalo, raised on Fowlers chocolate.... Now living in NJ- no such thing as orange choc or sponge candy! Hubby just had some delivered to me for my birthday 3 days ago! Best gift everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!”
     –Destiny H. via Facebook

“One way to beat the tax man... I worked very hard on my taxes this year, and ended up getting a refund! It was all legit - but boy did it take some time. I rewarded myself with a pound of sponge candy. Thanks for making the effort all worthwhile.”
     –John S. via online during tax season

“Hi, I live in Florida, but am originally from Olean, NY and I miss sponge candy from Fowlers!!! I try to tell our friends down here how awesome it is and they just can't understand it, you cannot find any sponge candy down here at all. I would love to have some sent down for them to try. Do you think it will make the trip?”
     –Erin S. via Facebook
Fowler's reply: Sponge candy will find you…wherever you are. Yes, we'll make sure your order gets to you in good condition.