Thank you! My Hero!

People have been doing incredible things in the face of a COVID, and Fowler’s Chocolates thinks those people deserve the best chocolate. 

We’ve all encountered people in our life and throughout the community who have helped us in some way throughout this pandemic. Maybe a neighbor. Postal worker. Friend. Firefighter. Family member. Garbage collector. Teacher.

To thank these heroes, we have created a limited-edition candy bar as a way to “pay-it-forward” to those individuals who’ve helped them over the past few months.

AND in honor of all those people doing good deeds we are giving away 1 free bar for every $10 you spend on other products. You can give it to the Hero in your life. Simply add the candy bar(s) of your choosing to your cart and use code GoodDeeds at checkout. The discount will automatically apply.

If you want to buy just the bars we offer an automatic 10% discount for a purchase of 10 or more. This can not be combined with the GoodDeeds coupon code.


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