Limited-Edition National Sponge Candy Day Collection

It's Back! For a limited time only!

Calling all Sponge Candy lovers—are you ready for the ultimate Buffalo foodie experience? Fowler’s very special Limited-Edition National Sponge Candy Day Collection is available only while supplies last.

Included in this 4 oz box are four extra large pieces of Milk Chocolate Sponge Candy uniquely topped to delight: Toasted Coconut Flakes: You picked it, we made it!, Cotton Candy Funfetti: Helping you live every day like it’s your birthday, Mini Peanut Butter Chips: It wasn’t easy, but yes, we’ve distilled the dulcet tones of angels into a single piece of candy. Spicy Chocolate: Cayenne and cinnamon for the perfect bit of heat to balance the sweet.

If you love this city’s most famous sweet treat, and you want to take it for a special spin with the makers of the Buffalos Best Sponge Candy, here’s your chance to get in on this epic taste-bud experience before it’s gone. Boxes are available in-store and online while supplies last. (Then POOF! All gone in a cloud of sweet sugary sponge dust.)

Order now and make sure you get yours. Shipping begins on Tuesday September 14th.

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