What's in a Color?

What's in a Color?

The heritage of Fowler’s Chocolates is richly reflected in our signature pink color. It’s evident in our stores, on our website, in our packaging, and in our delivery van. We use it consistently, to connect our customers to the handcrafted nature and consistency of our product.  

Many other companies use their signature color to evoke thoughts around their brand, most notably Tiffany & Co. We’d like to think that a pink Fowler’s box evokes a level of excitement all the same—a little more simple perhaps. But every bit as thoughtful and appreciated. Our goal is for everyone in Western New York to associate our pale pink box with the highest standards of excellence and enjoyment.

 Include some pink Fowler’s packaging in your holidays. Since 1910, we’re strive to make Buffalo’s best sponge candy, and other enjoyable candies. We hope ours makes your holiday memories more special.

Here are some of our more popular pink products:


Complete Assortment   Mini Buffalos

Truffle Assortment       Peanut Clusters

If you'd like to see if you can identify other brands by their color, here's a link to a cool test.