Sweetest Day...The Original Meaning

Sweetest Day...The Original Meaning

This day is not just a Valentines day in October, it started out as a very different kind of holiday-one we need now, more than ever! 

Sweetest day started in Cleveland Ohio in 1921 as a way to say “thank you” to the special people in your life, and as a way to give something nice to people who had little or nothing.  It was a day of good deeds. 

The gifts that were given early on for sweetest day were candy and flowers mostly, but then expanded to be any variety of “treats." 

Though started in the North Eastern part of the country, Sweetest Day has spread over the years and is now celebrated in well over half of the states. As it has evolved, it has included a more romantic element of letting someone know that you like them.  But it remains a day for doing something nice for the people around you.  And what could be nicer than giving someone Fowler's chocolate to let them know you care, or to show them how much you appreciate all that they do? 

Who is it in your life that does nice things for you and deserves a Fowler's chocolate treat?