Easter Story...Hoppy Ending

Easter Story...Hoppy Ending

Atlas 23 pound chocolate bunny

Recently, a larger-than-life bunny named “Atlas” had to be turned over to the SPCA in Cardonald, Scotland, because his elderly owners could no longer take care of him. Atlas is a seven-month-old, 23-pound Continental Giant rabbit, and word went out that he needed a loving home. Hundreds of calls and e-mails came in from all across Europe, the United States and Canada. Atlas became a celebrity!

And the good news: a wonderful home was quickly found for him in Scotland so he could avoid a long journey that might stress him out. 

At Fowler's, we love stories like this; a big bunny finds a loving home through the efforts of kind people. And to celebrate, Fowler's will be offering a three-foot-tall, 18-pound semi-solid milk chocolate version of Atlas, guaranteed to make your Easter extra special! Now...that's a big bunny!

But wait, there's more to this bunny tale...

Fowler's will donate a portion of the sales from the chocolate "Atlas" to the SPCA in Cardonald, Scotland, and right here in Buffalo, NY.*

And everyone lived happily ever after. 

*If you are interested in supporting these causes, and wish to purchase an Atlas for your Easter festivities, visit any of our store locations, or call our factory at: 716-877-9983.