100% Re-Gift Proof

100% Re-Gift Proof

Admit it. We've all done it. Scrambled for that last minute gift, searching in that closet, that bin under the bed, that place in the basement...the land of the "Regifts." It helps us save face - there's nothing worse that showing up empty handed. But..the tell-tale signs of old tape, a scraped off label, a tattered edge often give us away.

Why not buy a few extra boxes of Fowler's for those emergency gift-giving needs at the holidays? Simple. Enjoyable. Always a delight to receive.

Fowler's Chocolates are 100% re-gift proof!

Here are some items you might enjoy having on hand.

Sponge Candy Milk and Dark ($19.99)

Almond Butter Crunch ($13.99)

If you DO have to re-gift, here are some helpful do's and don'ts on the matter.

(But our vote is...order $40 or more and get free shipping. Easy!)