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Specialties of Buffalo

Sponge candy is as familiar as The Bills or Niagara Falls. Fowler's is the original maker of sponge candy. Find other local favorites here.

Easter Essentials

Shop and discover our delicious collection of playful Easter bunnies, jelly beans, and tempting Easter baskets. Share some special "Bufflalove" treats for everyone.

Caramels & Crunch

Our famous Sea Salt Caramels, Almond Butter Crunch and other 'Sweet and Salty' confections.

Chocolate Cluster Favorites

Chocolate made even better when clustered around pecans, peanuts, coconuts or raisins.

Truffle Delights

Old-world style chocolate truffles with delightfully flavored centers



Truffalo Assortment

Unique and only available from Fowler's, this distinctive buffalo-shaped truffle is a trademarked, long-standing favorite from Buffalo's oldest Chocolatier. Each detailed candy is carefully hand-molded and filled with a soft, flavor-infused center.

You've been warned...bring these out to share and beware of the stampede to your table.

Available as an assortment, a box contains:

  • Eight Milk Chocolate/Hazelnut filled truffles
  • Eight  Dark Chocolate/Raspberry filled truffles

8 Ounces

PRICE: $ 14.99